Sam Spina Importing Co. Inc. is a blossoming company whose roots are embedded in the Spina family history beginning with Sam Spina' s immigration to Birmingham, Alabama from Palermo, San Guiseppe Jato, Sicily that began at the turn of the 19th Century. Young Sam came to America at the age of 18 with $8.00 in his pocket. After finding his way through Ellis Island in New York City he settled in Margaret, Alabama where he found work in the coal mines of Alabama. It didn't take long for Sam to recognize the opportunities available to him in the United States. After a move to Ensley , Alabama in West Birmingham, he returned to Sicily and brought his bride Mary Vaccaro back to his new home in the Birmingham area. He opened Sam Spina Importing Co. on Morris Avenue around 1907,  importing dry goods and olive oil from the "old country" for resale to small mom and pop grocery stores.  The historic warehouse still remains today and is home to a law office in Birmingham, Alabama. After Sam's death in 1950, the business continued under the ownership of Sams two sons,  Paul A. Spina and Dominic Spina, and continued to service mom and pop stores well into the early 1960s. The brothers ultimately "closed shop" when the bigger companies put the little man out of business. Fast forward to 2012, Tommy Spina, grandson of Sam and son of Paul reconnected with his roots in Sicily and formed new relationships with his cousins abroad. After a dinner with the family one night, Tommy's cousin Marco Spina suggested that Tommy consider importing  little known Sicilian Wines and share the varietals peculiar to Sicily with the United States. Marco introduced Tommy Spina to Marco's Son-in Law, Alessandro Lo Re, his friend Enrico Napoli, and Marco's Daughter Ornella Spina, and they formed The new Sam Spina Importing Co., Inc which operates out of Birmingham , Alabama and Palermo, Sicily Meetings began to take place in Alabama and after a two year work effort in both Birmingham and Sicily ,Sam Spina Importing Co.,Inc. finally, with the assistance  of International Wine, a wine distributor in Birmingham, Alabama, launched its first product line, Tasari by Caruso and Minini Winery, from the Marsala Region of Sicily. The two products are Tasari Nero D' Avola and Grillo. More products to follow