Caruso & Minini’s Marsala Superiore is considered as a “local pride” able to release wonderful sensations to the palate, thanks to its warm and enveloping flavours. According to the bicentenary tradition, we have been creating a wine with worldwide resonance, the result of tireless work on the typical red soils of the Salemi area, a land kissed by the sun.

A wine characterised by unmistakable organoleptic features, the union of two local vines, Grillo and Catarratto. This Marsala Superiore comes from more than 5 years of maturation in small Slavonian oak or cherry barrels followed by a futher aging in the bottle for at least three months. An iconic, delicate wine, excellent sip to pair with aperitifs and desserts.

VINES Grillo and Catarratto
TERROIR/SOIL Hill / Calcareous, clayey
 MATURATION Over 5 years in small Slavonian oak or cherry barrels